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The Be Be Review and Giveaway! » Chill Mama Chill

The Be Be Review and Giveaway!

November 1st, 2010

I’m not going to lie, when I was first approached by Lisa from Love Being Woman about the possibility of doing a review of their intimate massager, I giggled. I giggled because I am 5 and things like that still make me blush. I giggled because she said vibrator. I giggled because the world is still the kind of place where most women feel the need to be hush-hush about their sexuality and their desire to have a good orgasm. How taboo of us right? I mean, it’s not like ANY of us Mommy Bloggers got our start at being a mommy with a bang, and a flash and an “OH MY GOD RIGHT THERE RIIIIIIIIIGHT THERE” one hot summers day after a Canada day celebration on our patio and 93 beers. Certainly not me. Nope. Ehm anyway….

At first I thought “there is NO WAY I can be open and honest about the use of this product online to all my readers (ALL my readers, I sound so popular). I will be WAY too embarrassed. Who will read it? Does anyone really care what I have to say about it? How can I use an intimate massager and then ADMIT it on the interwebs?”.

And then as I continued to think about it, I got excited. I thought, hey why NOT do this? I mean really, who doesn’t like a good vibrator? We’re all adults here, mostly women and all of us enjoy having an orgasm (you’re lying if you say you don’t). And let’s face it, between babies and toddlers and husbands and messy houses, it can be hard to find the time and energy to get that good orgasm from your husband. That’s not to say us parents are all dried up and lacking in a sex life, no. What I’m saying is at this stage, it is not a surprise that some of the magic is gone, if only temporarily. It’s hiding under a sticky pile of bottles, and behind a weeks worth of dirty laundry. And it’s not the end of the world, it just is. So we have to find ways to both bring that magic back, and take care of ourselves.

So I threw caution to the wind, eagerly accepted her proposal to do the review and I waited.

Total bummer, my Be Be arrived the DAY we were heading out of town, on the baby’s first flight, to visit my hubs family. Maybe not the best time to test out the new toy. I was not in the mind set to relax and enjoy myself, and the baby was not only feeding off my stress, she was popping her first tooth. So I had to wait, but I opened it up.

The Be Be arrived discretely, in a white paper box, contained within a regular envelope. So far, so good. As I tore into the package, and opened the box I was greeted by another box, a beautiful purple shiny box, within which was my Be Be. I also got a cute little bookmark with the saying “Do you really feel like reading?” (which I’ve used in my book, in order to remember to ask myself that once and awhile).

The Be Be comes in it’s own discrete satin pouch and case. Frankly, it could be a computer mouse or a lint roller for all anyone else knows. It’s a pretty tin case, that closes securely and has room for extra batteries underneath (and COMES with batteries, so there is NO delay in getting started). It’s perfect for home or travel (and ONE day, we will get a romantic getaway again, right?), because I don’t think anyone would really know what it was without some serious investigation.

I’m going to be honest and say when I first took the Be Be out of the box, I though “huh, really?”. I mean, it looks nothing like any other vibrator or massager I’ve ever seen. It has no bells, no whistles, no fancy animal shapes or rubbery pieces. No bumps, no extra parts, none of that flash. A lot of that I often find annoying with other things of this nature anyway, but at first glance I thought “how good can this be?”

Uh, remember how you never judge a book by it’s cover? Do not judge your Be Be by your first glance. DO. NOT.

I decided to give The Be Be a shot all solo and discrete like, both because I think that’s probably how MOST of us out there would use it, at least initially AND because I will respect that my hubs is more private than I am, and will leave him out of this review ::giggles::

You know what? This thing ROCKS. Honestly ROCKS. It has the most incredibly easy to maneuver shape, and can be used in multiple directions. It’s light weight, comfortable, and can easily get you where the getting is good, if you know what I mean. The speed buttons, which are not only cute in their heart shape, are extremely easy to reach, find and use, so there is no pesky stopping in the middle of the party to mess around with the intensity. The Be Be was a lot of fun. Like, A LOT. I’m not going to say I’ve tried all the types of vibrators and massager out there, because I really haven’t, but I’ve tried my share. I’ve tried all the highest rated ones, I’ve been to and hosted Sex Toy Parties, where I’ve bought and tried a number of these items that have promised to “work incredibly for all women” and “be the best vibrator ever”. I’ve been pleased and disappointed, but never have I been blow away. Until now.

The Be Be didn’t look like much to start. I mean, it was cute and I liked it, but I did not anticipate it working as good as it does. And it’s very good. I’m going to say this goes up there in the top 3 products of this type I’ve tried, and honestly I am thinking it takes the #1 spot. I think because it was designed by 2 women, for women, they’ve really figured out what works (I bet there was A LOT of fun in the R&D of this!).

So that’s my review. If you want to enjoy yourself, you should get a Be Be. It’s discrete, fun and worth it. You may even like it SO much, you make excuses to go to bed early, and by yourself, 3 nights in a row……

And now for the fun part for YOU! Lisa at Love Being Woman has offered to giveaway one of these amazing massager to 2 of my readers! That means 2 of you all will be rocking all night long in no time!

And how can you enter?

Well, there is only 1 mandatory entry, and that is for you to email info@lovebeingwoman.com and answer this question: “What makes you feel great?”. Once you’ve sent your email, simply post a comment here and let me know you’ve done it, and I will enter you in the giveaway!

If you want an extra entry (and yes, believe me, YOU DO) then you can Tweet this out to the other lovely ladies of Twitter, and share the feel good moments (please let me know in a comment if you do, so I ensure you get your entry):

I love being a woman and feeling good so I entered to win a Be Be on @Babe_Chilla ‘s blog at http://www.chillmamachill.com/the-be-be-review-and-giveaway/

Lisa has also set up a FREE SHIPPING code for any readers who don’t win but absolutely MUST have a Be Be (and you really MUST!). This shipping code will be in effect after the winners are drawn on Monday, November 8, 2010. You can visit www.lovebeingwoman.com and enter loyalty code BABE on check out!

Happy entering. I will draw 2 lucky winners next Monday, November 8, 2010!

*I was sent the Be Be as a gift. The opinions in this review are mine and I received no compensation.

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  1. odessa says:

    Sounds fabulous! Not too many ladies I know that couldn't use one :)

    email sent :)

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    Also been tweeted!!

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    I sent my email too!!

    how lovely that it doesn't LOOK like what it is… much less embarrassing when I get pulled over for secondary searches at Customs… 😛
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  7. Sarah says:

    It's so pretty! Also your review made me LOL. I sent an email :)

  8. Darlene says:

    Sent the email!
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  9. Viviane says:

    Email sent. Love your review!

  10. Evelynn says:

    Send the email! :)

  11. Evelynn says:

    tweeted http://twitter.com/quacklynn/status/29416753232

    (had to condense the tweet a bit because of character space, hope that's ok!)

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    Abigail @ Skywaitres´s last [type] ..Pretty

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  15. Dee says:

    Email sent :) Great review…If i don't win it, i'll buy it!

  16. Dana says:

    I have emailed!

  17. Dana says:

    I have tweeted!!! Cause I really NEED to win…LOL

  18. mARCELLA says:

    Email SENT & TWEETED. wahoo!

  19. Bonnie says:

    e-mailed… y not? 😉

  20. Kristin says:

    lol! I love this post! You go girl! email sent and tweet a coming!!!!!

  21. krystal says:

    I emailed

    *quivers with excitement*

  22. krystal says:

    I also tweeted (God I hope my Boss doesnt see that)
    krystal´s last [type] ..Mom Envy

  23. Keri / @justcallmema says:

    I emailed. :)

    You did a great job keeping the review fun and classy!

  24. Ashley H. says:

    Sending email now.

  25. Gail says:

    I have sent an email! Nice review! :)

  26. Gail says:

    Tweeted the giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win! :)

  27. Bess says:

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  28. Lins says:

    Emailed :o)

  29. Julia says:

    Email sent :)
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  30. LiLu says:

    It's so PRETTY! Love!!!
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  31. Courtney says:

    Emailed 😉

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    Tweeted too!

  33. Tessa says:

    Great review. Email sent!

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  35. Kelly says:

    pick me im your sister you have to:P i sent the email

  36. Brandy says:

    Emailed and soon tweeted!

  37. Christina says:

    LOVE the review, you're awesome! I sent the email :)

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  43. emandelsmom says:

    Email sent and tweeted. Love the blog!

  44. Alex says:

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    With my gamer man, I could totally use one of these for solo play! hehehe.


  45. MamaPalmer says:

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  47. Laura says:

    I sent the email! :) I really secretly hope I win.

    Now I'm trying to find the courage to send the tweet. Eeek!
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  48. Laura says:

    Okay. I tweeted now too!
    Laura´s last [type] ..Mommy Savings Time

  49. Robyn says:

    I just emailed!!! I am sooooo wanting to win this!!!

  50. Robyn says:

    I also tweeted : )

  51. Heather VK says:

    Sent email & Tweeted :)

  52. 1xMum says:

    Of COURSE I'm entering. Have emailed

  53. […] You may or may not recall that about a year ago, I was given the opportunity by Love Being Woman to review and then giveaway 2 of their Be Be’s. If you don’t remember that well, you can still see my review up over here:. The Be Be Review and Giveaway. […]

  54. jakephillips says:

    This is a great product for the ladies out there. It's really great to see more women are becoming enlightened about sex toys such as a Vibrator. As a man in a long term plutonic relationship, I find the idea of my wife masturbating extremely exciting. And since she has a great idea of what she enjoys, I can easily be guided in my pursuit of pleasuring her. it’s win win baby!

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